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Poisonous Plants

At South Fraser Animal Hospital we want our clients to be educated about what plants can be toxic and fatal to your pets, so our Technician Christy, has put together a chart of all the common plants which may be toxic to cats and dogs, and should be avoided.

These include: Arum Lily, Azalea Baneberry, Black Locust, Blue-Green Algae, Bulb Flowers, Caladium, Cherry Tree, Coffee, Elderberry, False Hellebore, Four O’Clock, Ground Cherry, Henbane, Horsetail, Jimsonweed, Easter Lily, Mexican Poppy, Mistletoe, Morning Glory, Oak, Pigweed, Poison Oak, Pyricantha, Red Maple, Tansy, Autumn Crocus, Bird Of Paradise, Bleeding Heart, Boxwood, Burdock, Calla Lily, Chinaberry Tree, Coral Plant, Elephant Ear (Taro), Flame Tree, Foxglove, Heaths, Holly, Hydrangea, Lantana, Lupine, Milkweed, Mock Orange, Mountain Laurel, Oleander, Poinciana, Pokeweed, Rain Tree, Snowdrop ,Tobacco ,Australian Flame Tree, Bishop’s Weed, Bloodroot, Bracken Fern, Cacao, Cardinal Flower, Clematis, Coriander, Eucalyptus, Felt Plant, Glottidium, Heliotrope, Honeysuckle, English Ivy, Larkspur, Marijuana, Vetch Monkshood, Mushrooms, Periwinkle, Poinsettia, Potato Shoots, Ranunculus (Buttercup), Spurges, Wisteria, Avocado, Black Laurel, Bluebonnet, Buckthorn, Camel Bush, Chalice, Cocklebur, Dieffenbachia, Euonymus, Firethorn, Golden Chain, Hemlock, Horse Chestnut, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, Mandrake, Yellow Jasmine, Moonseed, Nightshades, Philodendron, Poison Ivy, Privet, Rape, Sweet Pea, Yews


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